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Kent RO Systems Ltd.
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Kent Mineral RO Water Purifiers, Water Purifiers Dealer, Home Appliances.

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Kent RO Systems Ltd.

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Water Purifiers
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Gautam Pradhan
Gautam Pradhan 2019-05-09

We have recently relocated to India and were not confident of the quality of water available here. As soon as we came, we started using bottled water. We were advised by a few friends to use a KENT RO water purifier instead, which would be able to give us the same quality of water. It was good advice and I am happy that we invested in this brand’s RO water purifiers.

Sweeti 2019-04-08

The KENT Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner I bought is a blessing. Now I do not have to worry about cleaning the house on a daily basis. The vacuum cleaner picks up all the dust with its powerful suction and locks it away, not allowing the same dust to settle all over the house again. Since the dust is removed, cleaning the house once in 2-3 days is completely acceptable, even to a cleanliness fanatic like me.

Akash Sharma
Akash Sharma 2019-03-14

After a lot of searching, I finally got the best air purifier for my family. With an absolutely stunning design, it reminds me of a high-tech gadget. What makes it special is its efficiency. Being allergic to dust, KENT HEPA air purifier has helped significantly remove dust from my home and has given my family a happier, healthier life.

Narinder Katal
Narinder Katal 2018-12-14

Since the day we have started using KENT Alps Air Purifier at home, we can feel that the air is cleaner. There is a lot of pollution outside in Delhi and as soon as we come home, we can feel the difference. If it can clean the air in a dusty city like ours, it is definitely the best air purifier in India. It is very easy to operate and gives us a good night’s sleep as it works quietly in the background.

Vivek 2018-11-14

I recently purchased KENT Superb RO water filter. I would say it proved ideal for purifying the municipal water that we get at home. Besides it double purification technology, what impressed me the most is its smart operation with interactive touch-screen display. With 9 litres storage tank, the storage capacity is also superb just like its name.

Vijay Pathak
Vijay Pathak 2018-10-17

I live in Kolkata, and unfortunately, my flat is located just beside an ongoing metro construction project! My wife and I just had our baby boy, and the suspended particulate matter in our home was making it difficult for our boy to breathe! We were in a fix and wanted to put an end to the discomfort! My wife suggested the name of Kent as I was looking for an air purifier. I took her advice, and she was right! Kent undoubtedly manufactures the best air purifier in India!

Saumaya 2018-08-10

I was specifically looking for an efficient RO UV water purifier and thankfully, I found one. My Kent water purifier has superior sturdiness and cleansing power. It meets my two-step water purification requirement with ease. It kills germs and bacteria, removes contaminants, but does not eliminate vital minerals from the water.

pooja 2018-07-04

In the midst of drinking water crisis, our only way to survival was through KENT Maxx. It is designed to deactivate deadly bacteria and viruses from water. The storage tank in the purifier keeps the water stored with complete purity. Since its installation, we are drinking pure and safe water. All thanks to Kent!

Kavya Arora
Kavya Arora 2018-05-29

Cleaning the house with a broomstick was a tiring task especially for me. I have an aching back, so I searched for vacuum cleaner brands online. I found Kent vacuum cleaners are the best for cleaning furniture and dusting purposes. Without further ado, I bought the KENT Bed

Nikhil Gupta
Nikhil Gupta 2018-03-23

Best vacuum cleaner for home Earlier it was difficult for me to clean mattresses, pillows, bed sheets, blankets and sofas, but now thanks to KENT Bed

Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta 2018-02-12

Last month we bought Kent’s Ozone Air Purifier. It is a wall mounted unit, and is nicely designed. We have noticed the difference in the air quality inside the house. Almost zero dust, no bad smell, and a feeling of freshness prevails everywhere. Now our laptops and other electronic gazettes are safe too.