Local Diaries aims at providing the users a platform where they can find the numbers and addresses of all the business they might need, it can be of any category and all kind including all small and big.

Effort is made on providing the maximum detail of the business listed, so that the user has a fair idea about the listing he chose, which makes it easier to choose the right person and call

One of our unique products is an authentic column in the website which keeps the user posted about the new business in the trinity, and this way a new business can communicate the information of their existence to the Tri-City.

Focus is made entirely to make the experience on the website to be easy and simple, no extra or unnecessary content is displayed, so that the user experience is enhanced..

To help the users we have a category wise listing which contain general cateories which further have sub categories to ease the use of the website for the user.

David Walsh

If the user doesnt want to search a lot and needs a quick answer to his search, he can follow the number one on the list, which doesnt appear randomly, but is our recommendation for the user.